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Welcome to the Confluence WIKI of Mr. DLib. To see all pages, you need to register. Before contributing to the WIKI, please read Confluence: Best Practices. Please also note that this WIKI is not only home to Mr. DLib but to many projects run by Assistant Professor Joeran Beel and Juniorprofessor Bela Gipp (e.g. Docear and CitePlag). Consequently, some information is kept rather general so it can be applied to all projects, and some links in Mr. DLib's WIKI point to pages in other projects' WIKIs to prevent redundant information. 

Currently, the core Mr. DLib team members all work in one place (Tokyo). Therefore we have not established a communication platform to collaborate with external developers. If you want to participate in the Mr. DLib development just try one of the following means of communication, and we will see what works out best.

Access Rights

In this WIKI, we have different user groups, with different access rights. There are:


Some parts of the Wiki (like the current page) are visible to anyone.

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The core team consists of members that work (near) full-time for Mr. DLib, and for a rather long time (at least some months). These members have access to almost all data of Mr. DLib including access to the development, beta, and production server.

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This group consists of members who have access to all administrational data including server and account access for DNS or Email settings.

Self Registered Users

Anyone can register an account in this WIKI and then has access to some information about Mr. DLib

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This group consists of members who contribute on a part-time basis or only for a short time (e.g. few weeks internship). These members have some limitations for accessing servers and content in the Wiki.


Confluence and JIRA (our Ticket system) are difficult to administer and sometimes there are problems, e.g. one member has not the access rights he or she has. If you believe there is an error, please contact us and let us know. 

Useful Links

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